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Inclinated engraving

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I'm Louison project manager for BCN3D Ignis. We have changed our old drivers for the Leadshine M880A you sugested us. We have good results in terms of speed and acceleration but a new issue has appeared, it seems that when we are engraving the system (laos+ driver +motor +mecanical transmision ) loose a few steps the result is an inclinated work, i said system because i dont know where is the faillure happening, the increase of the microsteping ratio has an influence on the problem but it doesent correct it (in fact it hide it ).

The perfect repetability of the erraor make me think of a electrical/electronical issue because a mecanical problem would be more "random"

We are working in various possibilites :

-A lack of electrical power (the pic of power consumption and the beginig and ends of a line when engraving )

-A lack of precision of the motor

-A lack of precision of the drivers

-An issue of the data transmision between the laos and the drivers

-An internal issue of the laos

-A bad configuacion in visicut

It's a problem the we already had in the past at the begining we used toshiba TB6560 wich has this same issue we change to Pololu (DRV8825) and solve the issue that in the time we atribued to a lack of presision of the TB6560 but the recent events make me think that this suposition wasn't correct....

I'm open to any ideas that you can have in this issue

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