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Added by niels over 11 years ago

Hi all,

Since I just registered it looked like a good opportunity to introduce myself.

Currently I'm a self-employed programmer (mainly .NET and Objective-C) with a healthy interest in electronics, technology and mechanics. I have no degree or did any studies regarding electronics, but my father-in-law is an electronics engineer and helps me out a lot when I'm stuck.

I've been looking on and off at CNCs, 3D printers and laser cutters during the past 2 years, but never purchased one because of real life limitions (space, money, becoming a father, ...).

Since we moved and our new home is now getting into a habitable state it feels like the right moment to take the dive and start with a laser cutter.

Because I follow the JeeLabs blog (which is very very informative, BTW) I discovered the LaOS project.

As it looks like LaOS can use an extra pair of hemispheres (and hands) I'm willing to commit some money and time to it.

So... the quest for a HPC LS3020 has begun!

Hope to be of help in the future.

Niels R.

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RE: New member - Introduction - Added by labsud over 11 years ago

Hi All,

I just registered also, so...

I'm from the Montpellier (France) Fablab. We're not yet equipped with a laser and heard about LAOS at Toulouse Fablab conference last month (Bart conference: ). Really nice project.

I'm owning an IT company, and went previously embedded developper for realtime OSses, mostly OS9. I got skills in electronics, embedded software, web, linux, 3D, CNC, 3D printing. I don't have any skills in Lasers and optics.

I'm seeking for a solution to own a laser for the lab as cheap and powerfull as possible.