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This site is about an Open Source laser engraver/cutter controller system, both hardware and software. Further info can be found on the Rationale and background page. The site was created in 2010 by Jaap Vermaas and Peter Brier, and is now being taken further with the help of other Contributors.

A laser cutter consists of several components, as described on this page - this site focuses on units such as the HPC LS3020, in combination with the LAOS electronics. For a full list, see the Supported lasers so far. The current electronics are LAOS Mainboard v0.5 and LAOS I2C panel v0.4 - older versions are listed on the Electronics page.

Warning: If you have Rev4 board, read

To avoid confusion, these versions are current:
  • LAOS Mainboard: v0.5
  • LAOS I2C panel: v0.4
  • LAOS firmware: v0.3 (latest bin 23-05-2015)

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