page to save some thoughts on firmware directions

current situation for released firmware:

  • build online on
  • using closed mbed libs for e.g. ethernet

next step

  • do offline compiling using gcc4mbed ->works now!
  • still using mbed libs

When making a step away from the mbed libs, we probably also need to look for an alternative of the MBED e.g. LPC1768. -> not required due to open sourcing mbed libs

feature list for new firmware environment

  • open source
  • ethernet support
  • build environment in linux
  • support for cortex-m3
  • board support for LPC1768 / LCP1769
  • RTOS
  • easy to implement in the current code
  • ethernet based on lwip (same as current code...)

some alternatives (based on being open source and cortex-m3 support)

for now, this is a start of getting to know the firmware structure:

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