Moshi to LAOS conversion K40-III

We brought a cheap Chinese 40W Laser Engraver/Cutter about 6 months ago, and have struggled with its Moshi-draw software until decided to convert it to a LAOS board based Laser Cutter. This is a record of the issues we faced during the conversion.

The hardware we started with:

Laser PSU :
Separate from the motor and logic power supply units is the Laser PSU. We won't modify this during this conversion, but will hook up to it. Unlike many we've seen on the internet, ours had no shielding and the connections weren't marked.

Motor and Logic PSU :
Supplying the motors and the CPU board requires a regulated DC supply at ~24V and ~5V this is provided by this unit, ours is again not shielded and split into two parts, mounted to the base of the cutter was a transformer( in 220V, out ~28 and ~8V ) and mounted to the side a PCB with the regulators and wiring to connect to the Moshi/LAOS board.

This is the PCB mounted on the side connected to Moshi/LAOS and the Laser PSU and transformer

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