Software overview


Nothing is (officially) released yet. There is just a "last known good" with no specific definition of good..

If you just need something to run on you laser, download the "last known good" combination of versions from the list below. If you want to develop and modify things, or need new features take the latest version of the components from the subversion repository at

Last known Good

Use this configuration to get you started. Depending on your laser and network configuration you may need to do some configuration.
Download these packages:

  • Firmware (Dated 29-12-2012) - [Download] and save to your MBED.
  • Configuration file for your laser - HPC 3020 version . [Download] and save to your MBED as config.txt
  • A Drawing program: [Inkscape] version 0.47 (Linux). See below for other suggestions
  • Visicut V1.5-62 [Download] and install (Java required, does not need pstoedit or CUPS)
For the CUPS printer driver Download these packages (Visicut not required):
  • pstoedit - Laos version (Dated 7-7-2012) [Download], and install using these instructions.
  • CUPS Printer Driver (SVN rev410) - ["Download":] and install.

Note: You can use the printer-driver and VisiCut independently. The printer-driver currently requires a Linux desktop or Server (you can print from Windows or MAC to this computer). A stand-alone windows or
MAC version is expected soon.


major work is now to get offline compiling working, see roadmap

If you want to develop the software, read along.


The software consists of various parts:

  1. CUPS printer driver to convert application output to the laser cutter and provide printer settings
  2. Firmware
  3. Optional: Thomas Oster's VisiCut JAVA driver software (does not require printer driver)

Printer driver

The CUPS printer driver is described here.

Follow these instructions to build and install ps2edit and CUPS printer driver.

Drawing program

Any program can be used to make drawings and images that are sent to the laser cutter. Your favorite word-processor or image editor can be used. However: Consider that some programs are better suited for some task than others. Some examples:

  • If you want to laser text: Use a text editor (like word, or open-office writer)
  • If you want to laser images: Use GIMP or PAINT
  • If you want to laser cut technical drawings: use a CAD program, like LibreCAD
  • If you want to laser cut scripted (possibly paramatric) drawing try OpenSCAD
  • If you want to design PCB's: Use KiCAD
  • [InkScape] is a generic open source drawing program, that can be used for various tasks.

VisiCut software

This software is optional, but provides a stand-alone way to control the laser, independent of a printer driver. An installation and end users guide can be found on the [LaOS Visicut User Guide]. VisiCut is not a drawing program, you need some other program to make the drawings and images you want to laser. No administrator rights are required to install Visicut. Background is on the VisiCut page. The settings for a LaOS HPC3020 are here.

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