Acquiring a laser

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I've decided to buy a laser cutter and perform a brain transplant on it. But... now I need to acquire a laser first.

Last week I contacted Jaap who referred me to Bart. I contacted Bart last week, but didn't get a response yet.
I also contacted HPC by e-mail, but they seem to be slow responders and I've called them yesterday. They will send me a quote for a laser + shipping to Belgium.

As I expect the quote from HPC to be quite heavy I'm hoping that Bart will be visiting the UK soon to get some more machines.

If not, I'm willing to organize a trip to the UK if there is sufficient demand for machines. How many can I stuff in a regular family car (Renault Mégane Grandtour)? Or should I think about getting my hands on a little van (like a Berlingo/Partner/Kangoo)?

Another option would be to buy this machine from eBay which will set me back around 800 € and some time/effort to get it in working order.

I'm not in a hurry, but as with all toys you don't want to wait too long :p


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RE: Acquiring a laser - Added by bartb over 11 years ago

hello Niels,

something went wrong i guess.
I have no plans to go to England shortly.

my Prius holds 5 3020's, a rented Volvo V40 six, so a higher Kangoo might hold 8

last time we paid £ 875 ex VAT for a 3020 without the chinese board.

-- Bart

RE: Acquiring a laser - Added by niels over 11 years ago

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your reply (and our e-mail conversation).

This means I'll have to try and get those HPC machines myself.

I will start a group buy initiative soon, so anyone who is interested in acquiring a laser from HPC can post this here.

I'll set up a dedicated webpage later on and try to spread the news through proper forums etc hoping to get enough people engaged.


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I would be also interrested to by a HPC 3020. However, i don't understand the prices you gave. On the HPC website LS 3020 pro is 1125 UK pounds (1400 euros). Is there special options (without electronics or modifications) to have it for 875 UK Pounds? (and i don't think the difference is only VAT...)


RE: Acquiring a laser - Added by niels over 11 years ago


It's 875 GBP for a HPC LS3020 without the main board, 1125 GBP with the main board.

FYI: The HPC LS3040 is 2200 GBP without the main board.

The prices are excluding VAT and transport. Also, you have to add the cost of a LAOS board if applicable.