Poll: group buy from hpc laser?

Added by the0 over 11 years ago

Dear all,

After discussions and a demonstration by Jaap we (members of have decided that we want to buy a ls3020 and convert it to LAOS. As shipping a single unit from the UK is bound to be quite expensive, and as I have a reasonably big car (should take at least six units) we are looking into setting up a group buy and driving to the UK to get them. If there are sufficient people interested, we may even go with two cars.

Before I try to negotiate a deal with HPC laser, I would like to have some idea how many of you would be interested. Target price for an ls3020 without controller would be about 900-950 pounds EX VAT, or 1317-1391 euro INC VAT. Cost of the boat and fuel would come to ~ 100 euro per machine. Our target is to go to the UK in Februari, but of course this depends on a lot of factors (e.g. interest, finances, availability etcetera).

Anyone interested?

To avoid confusion and all kind of legal problems: please note that we are just trying to arrange transport and a favourable deal (due to volume), nothing more. You will be buying the machines from HPC laser directly, so any issues (e.g. billing and warranty) will only be between HPC laser and you. Also, we will not advance payment and more specifically we would prefer not to handle any payment details (other than for our own machine) at all.

regards, Theo