controlling laos with a smartphone

Added by david.eickhoff about 11 years ago

Hi everybody!
Opening the thread due to a discussion we had in Hamburg about controlling laos with a smartphone (ios/android) using the NetIO application ( ).
The app is designed to create custom interfaces with an online browser based UI-Designer. After starting the app, a tcp socket connection will be established to send
defined commands on touch. Also, HTTP request can be send instead of using a socket connection...

For example, this could be an alternative to the display board... or use two sliders for controlling the head directly in realtime.

The next app version is going to be released soon (it's already submitted and in the review process) which means I can provide promotion/gift codes after the release to get the app for free.
Unfortunately this is not possible for the google play store.

On my site, I will check if and how the connection can be done..

Any comments and ideas are appreciated!
What do you think? Does it make sense?