How to laser brown dots on perspex

Added by reinoud over 9 years ago

Hi folks,

odd title eh? Well i ask this since i am trying to laser photos on perspex. I've seen some commercially produced samples but also the original firmware of my K40's try of it and they both seem to be able to `brown' the perspex to create shades.

When i use the Laos firmware i can only produce dimples when the power is too low, white melt when the power is OK and deep craters when the power is FAR to high (or the speed to low). Regretfully we don't have the old board available anymore or we could visualize the pulses with a scope.

Might this be due to the fact that in Laos a point is either on of off and it not using the `frequency' parameter to provide a fixed pulse width per pixel?

Any pointers or experiences would be very much appreciated!

With regards,