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h1. A list of users with LAOS converted laser cutters

h2. Active users of LaOS systems

|_.User|_.Location|_.LaOS PCB|_.Laser cutter|_.Laser Specifics|_.Installation details,
operation date|_.Wiring schematics, pictures, config file
Add extra pages please|
|*Peter Brier* "Profile": "Old Peter profile":|||||||
|*Jaap Vermaas* "Profile":
"Old Jaap profile":|||||||
|*Bart Bakker* "Profile":
"Old Bart Baart Bakker profile":|Utrecht-NL||HPC LS3020|'original' power supply|operational|shielded supply||shielded cable to I2C display, LS3020 default|
|*Jean-Claude Wippler* "Profile":
"Old jcw profile":|Utrecht (@David)||HPC LS3020||operational w/ PWM|inverted mounting to get Ethernet socket aligned with chassis hole|
|*Martine de Wit* / DUS architects "Profile":|Amsterdam||HPC LS3020||operational!||
|*Lennart Herlaar* "Profile":||rev 0.2|HPC LS3020|July 2012 power supply, flat cable|operational|DIY flat cable to JST adapter|
|*Protospace*|Utrecht-NL||SUDA||not operational|LaOS-board installed and working, but lasertube/power supply fails| installed|
|*FabLab Amersfoort* "Contact":|Amersfoort-NL|?|HPC LS3020||operational||
|*Your name* Member page link|||||||
|*Your name* Member page link|||||||
|*Your name* Member page link|||||||

h2. New forum and wiki members without LaOS lasers

[There is probably some way to get an automatic list of members but that will need a Redmine specialist, the current list is on the project:laos project page.]

*david* "Profile":
*jamesc* "Profile": "Old James Caska profile":
*leenvw* "Profile": "Old Leen van Wijngaarden profile":
*tonz* "Profile":
*KalleP* "Profile": "Old KalleP profile":
*axel* "Profile":
*SIG* "Profile": "Old SIG profile":
*Daid* "Profile":

h2. Proliferation of LaOS in the field

This table will give an idea of the growth of the project and general uptake. The operational numbers are estimates. Obviously a few of the earlier revisions may have been swapped out though (at least until rev 0.3) there have been no fundamental differences between them and field upgrades have been the norm. While the idea of an open laser controller has been in many minds for a long time it has taken until 2011 before this system got off the ground. Starting with just a small core group of developers the progress has been rapid and is spreading far and wide with increasing number of developers and user adoption.

[The production figures here are guesses based on blog entries with under reporting and not official as yet ]

|_.Period|_\3=.rev 0.1|_\3=.rev 0.2|_\3=.rev 0.3|_\3=.Total|_.Milestones|
||made|shipped|in use|made|shipped|in use|made|shipped|in use|made|shipped|in use||
|2011-01|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|0|0|0|First prototype trials|
|2011-03|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|0|0|0|CUPS and HPC trials|
|2011-06|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|0|0|0|Board design work|
|2011-07|4|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|4|0|0|Rev 0.1 released|
|2011-08|4|3|1|-|-|-|-|-|-|4|3|1|CCC Camp|
|2011-10|4|3|2|-|-|-|-|-|-|4|3|2|VisiCut interface|
|2011-11|4|3|2|20|1|-|-|-|-|24|4|2|Rev 0.2 released, Batch of 4 HPC lasers|
|2011-12|4|3|2|20|3|2|-|-|-|24|6|4|FabLab Amesfort|
|2012-01|4|3|2|20|3|2|-|-|-|24|6|4|School demo|
|2012-03|4|3|2|20|3|2|-|-|-|24|6|4|LaOS board testing in 3D printer|
|2012-04|4|3|2|20|3|2|-|-|-|24|6|4|Raster engraving tested|
|2012-05|4|3|2|20|3|2|-|-|-|24|6|4|Another batch of HPC lasers|
|2012-06|4|3|2|20|3|2|1|-|-|25|6|4|Rev 0.3 released|
|2012-07|4|3|2|20|3|2|1|-|-|25|6|4|Another 6 HPC lasers|


h2. Hereunder are the registered names from the old wiki, register on Redmine if you have not done so and please move your name to the table or list above.

Graham Wideman "Old profile":
Peter Uithoven "Old profile":
Pieter "Old profile":