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h1. Electronics 

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 (note for editors: don't add links h2. LAOS Mainboard 

 * *LAOS Mainboard v0.1* has some very visible bugs. One of the is that the LED connectors have no pre-tinned pads on this page, both sides of the board, but only on the top side. 

 * *LAOS Mainboard v0.2* has a LaosLaser LOGO under the SD. Version 0.1 does not. 

 * *[[LAOS Mainboard v0.3]]* has no LOGO, but it does say LAOS Board v0.3 just make your HowTo page above the MBED. 

 h2. LAOS I2C panel 

 * *[[LAOS I2C Panel v0.3]]* has a child of this one 2x16 character LCD display, a 5-way joystick switch (up/down/left/right/select), and it'll automagically appear here) 4 pushbuttons