LAOS firmware


The Firmware is the code that controls the motor and laser. It is installed on the mainboard.

The firmware uses a simple instruction language that is described here. These instructions are used to instruct the laser to move, cut and mark.

Download compiled versions

The compiled firmware file is here (save to your MBED):

Latest firmware version
All firmware versions:

The configuration files are here (download, modify for your machine, and save on MBED as config.txt):

The MBED uses the latest .bin file (timestamp).


Connect to the MBED into USB, which will cause it to appear as a USB drive (label: MBED). Place the downloaded firmware in the root directory of the USB drive.
After that you need to reset the laser to read the new firmware file. Use the reset button on the MBED to restart the lasercutter.




These are other version of the firmware that might fix some bugs.

  • Development Firmware V0.4 (Dated 11-aug-2012) Fixes the laser power on problem- [Download] and save to your MBED.

Compiling from source

See CompilingFirmware

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