HPC July 2012 power supply

Laser ON and PWM

The laser-on and PWM signals from the power supply are on a 6-pin green connector (P2). Originally there is only a two-pin connector on the laser-ON. You need to make two new cables with JST connectors to connect the laser ON and PWM signals.

Note - The PWM signal needs to be connected to the "Exhaust Enable" output at this moment, due to SW issues. You may also leave it unconnected if you only want to use manual power adjustment.

Pin Signal Function Connect to
P2.1 5V +5V from power supply J37.1 (Exhaust enable C). Remove original Blue wire and connect it to J37.2 (Exhaust enable E). The blue wire supplies 5V to the potentiometer.
P2.2 IN Laser power setpoint (0..5V) Red wire (leave connected)
P2.3 G GND J39.4 Laser-on E and leave black wire (laser test) and yellow loop connected
P2.4 WP Laser supply enable Leave yellow loop to GND connected
P2.5 L Laser ON input J39.3 Laser-On C, leave black wire (laser test) connected
P2.6 N.C. N.C.

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