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 h1. K40-III 

 This is a cheap Chinese built laser that comes with a couple of different control boards, and some proprietary software. 

 h2. Control board - 6c6879 

 This board uses a flat ribbon cable for X axis motor and both X and Y limit sensors, a 4 pin JST connector for the Y axis motor, and a 6 pin connector for power and laser control. 


 h3. Connectors 

 h4. Y stepper cable 

 |Color|Signal|Connect to| 
 |RED|XA+|J18.2 A| 
 |BLUE|XA-|J18.3 A| 
 |YELLOW|XB+|J18.4 B| 
 |WHITE|XB-|J18.5 B| 


 h4. Flatcable for X stepper and endstops 

 |_.Pin|_.Signal|_.Connect to| 
 |PIN12|XA-|J24.1 A| 
 |PIN11|XA+|J24.2 A| 
 |PIN10|XB-|J34.3 B| 
 |PIN9|XB+|J34.4 B| 
 |PIN3|+5V|J34.1 Vsensor| 


 h4. Power and Laser 

 |_.Pin|_.Signal|_.Connect to| 
 |1|Not Connected|| 
 |4|Not Connected|| 

 h2. PSU  


 The PSU has 4 connectors. 

 1. K+/K- - Laser Test button 
 2. G/IN/5V - Power control potentiometer 
 3. D+/D- - Laser enable/safety interlock 
 4. 24V/G/5V/L - Power to controller board 

 Our K40-III had a completely different power system. Also the Moshidraw boardand cabling we replaced didn't use the 5V rail that PSU generated, but you can (if you don't want to add the wire) use the 7805 to drop the 24V line to 5V. 

 Here are some photos of this PSU 
 !{width: 25%;height: 25%;}laser_psu_largebrd.jpg! !laser_psu_largebrd.jpg! 
 !{width: 25%;height: 25%;}laser_psu_smallbrd.jpg! 


 h2. Hooking it up 

 [[K40-III 6c6879 Connections to Laos board]] 
 [[K40-III Material Settings]] 
 [[K40-III Improvements]] 

 h2. Other Notes 

 This machine is not what you'd call up to standards. Please bear in mind that there is no: 

 * Lid sensor 
 * Sensor to see if water is flowing 
 * Laser temperature sensor 
 * Cutting area temperature sensor to monitor for fire 
 * Extractor sensor to make sure fumes are being extracted. 

 Buy and operate this machine at your own risk. It is cheap, but you get what you pay for. In the [[K40-III Improvements]] will be some circuits to overcome some of these issues.