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There are a variety of non open source solutions for the control of laser cutters and markers. There are two types of Chinese systems, the cheaper NewlyDraw/Moshisoft ones and the higher end (eg Leetro) with FPGA and TI DSP chips and SDRAM. They often only provide Windows support (e.g. not linux), not networked or no local filesystem. Being closed source, they are also not 'hackable'. Also for reference is the USA designed RetinaEngrave USB laser control card.

[ Leetro MPC6515] used by most (over 90%) high end Chinese systems. 32mb SDRAM. Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA. TI DSP chip. Has no print drivers, relies on CorelDraw/AutoCAD plugins that change with every new revision.
[ LightObject] - Leetro copy (imported but not made by LightObject). No Windows 7 x64 support. Still relies on plugins. No CorelDraw X5 support. No recent AutoCAD support (requires new plugin).
*[ Full Spectrum Laser LLC's RetinaEngrave] - Designed in USA with Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit, 64-bit direct print drivers. 400MHz real time DSP. Supports any program that prints (Autocad 2011, CorelDraw X5, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, MS Word, etc). USB Connected.D25 parallel port interface to standard 3axis CNC/Laser systems. Requires PC to work, not stand alone). LLC claims to provide a (closed source?) SDK to allow the creation of a Linux driver..

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