Step-by-step assembling of the board

Since the Laos board has loads of features and possibilities; here is a step-by-step manual for soldering the board and to make sure you use just the right features...

To start, here is the complete schema of the board:

The best place to start is the sd-card and the sockets for the mbed itself:

1. sd-card (U2) and mbed socket
amount partno. name
1 U2 sd-card socket
2 - mbed sockets

soldered sd-card socket and mbed sockets

2. ethernet
3. i2c bus (display connector)
4. power supply to the mbed
5. x-axis
6. y-axis
7. z-axis
8. e-axis
9. limit sensors
10. home sensors
11. exhaust
12. laser enable
13. laser on
14. laser pwm
15. can-bus

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