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h1. Recipe 

 This is how to include a new material in the Materials List with your own settings.  

 Say Beech of 0.8 mm, with setting of Speed 100 and Power 70 at 2500 Hz _(these are not the real settings)_. 

 Go to Edit->Advanced->Manage Materials... 

 p=. !manage.png! 

 Then select your lasercutter 

 p=. !laoshpc.png! 

 A list will appear with all the materials VisiCut already knows. 

 p=. !materials.png! 

 Beech is not yet in the list, so we click + on the right. A new dialog appears: 

 p=. !unnamedmaterial.png! 

 Here we enter the information we have for Beech 0.8 mm. Name Beech 0.8 mm, description thin wood or so. Thickness is in our case 0.8 mm. Now the dialog looks like this and we have to enter the parameters, to start with *Cut Line*. So select 'Cut Line' and press Edit. 

 p=. !beech.png! 

 A new dialog appears, where you can enter the values for a line to be cut. 100 % speed, 70% power at 2500 Hz. Click Save. 

 p=. !settingsbeech.png! 

 In case we know more parameters, we can enter them. *Engrave Line* aka Marking Mode is a line generated from a vectorline, in fact a not deep cut line. *Engrave Drawing* is Raster Mode for graphics work. *Engrave Photo* is Raster Mode for photographs. 
 The convention in LaOS is to use red thin lines for cutting and black thin lines for marking. A thin line is 1pt or thinner (pt = 0,353mm). Anything else will be rastered (=engraved). 
 Click Save and the table will have a new entry for Beech 0.8 

 p=. !settingsbeech2.png!