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h1. LAOS Laser Add a new material setting



This site is about an Open Source laser engraver/cutter controller system, both hardware and software. Further info can be found on the [[Rationale and background]] page. The site was created
Suppose you want to include a new material in 2010 by Jaap Vermaas and Peter Brier, and is now being taken further with the help Materials List. Say Beech of many [[Contributors]]. 0.8 mm, with setting of Speed 100 and Power 70 at 2500 Hz.

Go to Edit->Advanced->Manage Materials...

p=. !manage.png!

Then select your lasercutter

p=. !laoshpc.png!

A laser cutter consists of several components, further described on list will appear with all the [[Overview]] page - this site focuses on units such as the [[HPC LS3020]], materials Visicut already knows.

p=. !materials.png!

Beech is not yet
in combination with the LAOS electronics. For a full list, see the [[Laser Cutters|Supported lasers]] so far. The current electronics are [[LAOS Mainboard v0.3]] and [[i2cpanel vx.x]] - older versions are listed we click + on the [[Electronics]] page. right. A new dialog appears:

> Tip: p=. !unnamedmaterial.png!

Here we enter the information we have
for quick navigation, see Beech 0.8 mm. Name Beech 0.8 mm, description thin wood or so. Thickness is in our case 0.8 mm. Now the tabs at the top of each page on dialog looks like this site.

h2. HowTo's

* Figure out what you'll need
and where we have to get it
* Prepare your laser cutter for use
enter the parameters, to start with LAOS (including first firing test)
* Assemble the LAOS electronics boards
* Install firmware
'cut line'. So select 'cut line' and verify proper operation
* Connect the electronics and hook it up to your network
* Install required software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux pc
* Troubleshooting - Where to get help - Contributing to this wiki
press Edit.

h2. Reference

h3. [[Laser cutters]]

* How does a laser cutter work?
* [[HPC LS3020]]
p=. !beech.png!

Wir tragen hier nun die Informationen ein, die wir über Buche 0,8mm haben: Name ist wohl Buche 0,8mm, als Description geben wir dünnes Holz oder so ein. Thickness beschreibt die Materialstärke in unserem Fall also 0.8mm. Der Dialog sollte nun wie folgt aussehen und wir wollen die Parameter des
Materials and settings

h3. [[Electronics]]

* What is the electronics for?
* [[LAOS Mainboard v0.3]]
* I2cpanel vx.x

h3. [[Software]]

* Purpose of the software
* [[LAOS firmware]]
* LAOS CUPS driver
* VisiCut

h2. Useful links

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