Compiling on - it doesn't - please help

Added by DaveStyles over 10 years ago

Hi all..

forget the below,..

I just need to know which version number of the mbed SDK the code compiles with.



Hi All,..

I'd really like to bring down a version of the firmware to compile myself on the online compiler for development purposes.

I'm converting a K40-III laser, and I'm adding control for air assist, and the pump etc etc.

I'm also used to writing PC apps to talk to mbed / LPC1768 boards, and so I plan to write a PC app as well as a display.

Thing is.. I can't get a version down that compiles, because all the rpc has moved to mbed-rpc, so if I bring down the github version (which doesn't have the mbed libraries) it doesn't compile when I add the mbed library to it. I've tried lots of messing about, but can't get all the bits to be compatible.

(I hope I'm making some sense)


is there any chance that someone can export a copy of compiling code for me please, so that I can use the online compiler ? (with the mbed library that allows the github code to compile) to save me learning how to use the offline compiler !

really hoping someone can and I promise to feedback all development.