HPC Laser slowly dying...

Added by drayde over 10 years ago

We have a problem with our HPC.
Today we lasered a couple of acrylic boards and the laser seemed to get weaker and weaker until after 5 boards it was completely dead.
I did not have time to look what might be the cause, but has anyone experienced this before?

It might be unrelated, but the light inside the laser does not work any longer either.
But it is not a power failure (at least not a total one), the motors still work.

We have a Laos board rev3

FabLab Munich

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RE: HPC Laser slowly dying... - Added by leenvw over 10 years ago

Hi Andreas,

I recognize this. Did you check the waterpump of the cooler? I had the same, the laser slowly lost power due to failure of the waterpump. In fact, at the end steam came out of the laser tube. After recovering the power and having the laser switched off for some minutes (it was frightening) the machine runned happily and well again.

I found that the power point at the back are really cheap quality. I replaced them for more robuust version to prevent power failure of the waterpump.

RE: HPC Laser slowly dying... - Added by drayde over 10 years ago

OK, thanks for the hint!
I think the water pump was doing OK, but I have to verify this.