Pstoedit from PDF issues

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A lot of time from my last post, work can't make some time for spent in testing LAOS.

My machine is fully working (cheap chinesse), and works great with Visicut and latest LAOS firm.

I'm making a script from PHP that makes PDF (using TCPDF library). Also TCPDF support SVG images, and I can cut from this, this is great for make dinamycally files to cut and engrave and don't need manual work.

My problem is porting my PDF to pstoedit. For example, I make only a "point" ("."), in my PDF. Machine start and crashes, the go back from X and to Y but the point is printed OK. Also, I try to print a image, also have problems, machine go out of the area, and anyone is printed here.

I use the following command.
pstoedit inputfile.pdf output.lgc

Also, I try to convert first to PS and the problem remain.
pdftops intputfile.pdf
pstoedit inputfile.pdf
I try to output using ps level 1, 2 and 3. I see in the PPD of cups that the postscript level is 2.

¿I can't print using Cups, from error_log aparently there are ok but machine don't print. I know that using CUPS the system pass aditional info (size, engraving power, speed ...). This can be the problem?. I need to add to my PS file bed size, engraving power ...?
Anyone has tried from print from PDF dinamycally?.

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RE: Pstoedit from PDF issues - Added by jaap over 10 years ago

If your machine moves out of the working area, this is probably because the PDF is not scaled to your machine or not in the right direction.

Since you are creating the PDF yourself, getting it positioned right shouldn't be too much of a problem. You can start by cutting a small square and trying to place it on all
4 corners of your workfield. Note that the PDF size should match the work field.

There is no need to convert pdf to postscript, they are the same (family) and pstoedit does all conversions for you.

When using the printer driver, CUPS will add power levels to the Postscript, which are parsed by pstoedit. If they do not exist in the file, the configuration defaults for pstoedit are used (from the file: You can change Power levels for engraving and cutting in that file, or change them in the resulting lgc file.

RE: Pstoedit from PDF issues - Added by acubino about 8 years ago

I don't follow my small proyect long time ago. Because i have a lot of spare time, i like to finish it.

I upgraded the firmware and made new tests, and the results are the same, the machine is trying to printing outside and crasheds after start, this crash the rest of the work.

With visicut i don't have problems, by the way machine is working OK, the problem is with PDF generated docs.

I attach a PDF document and the LGC output from pstoedit.

In the PDF document i put the size as 210,300mm.

Also from another Job with only a SVG image the printers works ok, but the problem is when I try to print some text (or only a dash).