visicut workshop @ protospace

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On thursday, september 13th, there will be a Visicut workshop in
Protospace (Utrecht, NL).

The workshop will be given by Thomas Oster, the author of Visicut.

Visicut is lasercutting software with a WYSIWYG approach: you can move
and scale objects on screen to fit them in the workspace of your laser.
If you laser is equipped with a camera, you can even fit them on the
object itself.

Visicut is platform- and laser-independent. It runs on Linux, Mac and
Windows and it supports Epilog lasers, LaOS lasers and Lasersaurs.

Access to the workshop is free, registration is recommended. Please
register on:

When: Thursday september 13th, 10:00 AM
Where: Protospace, Nijverheidsweg 16B, 3534 AM Utrecht

Hope to see you there!

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RE: visicut workshop @ protospace - Added by pieterb almost 12 years ago

Great idea, sadly i have to work that day. Maybe next time !