Create preview for engrave simplecode

Added by peteruithoven about 10 years ago

I'm working on a Simplecode previewer:
It can help a great deal with debugging issues.

I'd like to add support for engraving, but I'm having trouble with it's simplecode.
Engrave lines are stored in lines like:

9 1 320  0 251658240 254 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Bitmap data <bpp> <width> <data-0> .. <data-n>
Load bitmap data line of <width> pixels with each <bpp> bits per pixel. This is followed by [n] 32-bits datawords. Where [n] is rounded up to 32 bits using n = ceil(bpp*npixels/32). These pixels are clocked out during the next mark command (1). Pixel 1 is located at the LSB of the first dataword.

I'm having trouble with the <data-...> parts, I'm not very good with bits. Could someone help me create a visual preview?

Relevant code:
Simplecode generation in VisiCut:
Simplecode parsing in laos firmware:
Stepper controlin laos firmware:

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RE: Create preview for engrave simplecode - Added by jaap about 10 years ago

How about this?

I downloaded your GIT repository and set it up as a public website.
For users: drag your simplecode file on the display!