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Visicut Documentation: YMax definition problem

Added by jaap over 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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In the visicut documentation on the LaOS wiki, Ymax is defined in the lower corner. However, in the rest of the LaOS software, Ymax is the lower corner.


#1 Updated by jaap over 10 years ago

Correction: in the rest of the LaOS software, Ymax is the upper corner.

#2 Updated by david over 10 years ago

Is it a documentation issue or a Visicut-wide problem? When sending jobs with Visicut the Y axis is flipped. I haven't been able to get the CUPS driver to work so I can't verify if it has to do with my config.txt or with Visicut.

#3 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

my guess is that it can be solved in the config file: make ysteps positive again and define ymax as very large positive

#4 Updated by david over 10 years ago

That solves the problem in this case, but of course only works if that configuration is used in conjunction with VisiCut.

#5 Updated by peter over 10 years ago

In any case, (0,0) SHOULD BE "lower left corner".
If you send this file:
0 0 0
1 10000 20000

You should end up with a diagonal line from the lower left corner,
10mm in X direction (left to right) and 20mm in Y direction (bottom to top). As seen from the
Front of the laser. If the pstoedit driver or visicut thinks otherwise, it's config file should be altered.
There is info on the wiki how to change the pstoedit config. Look for the new "postscript" config file.

#6 Updated by david over 10 years ago

Okay, with the settings that work for Visicut the 0,0 point is in the top left corner. I'll see if there's a way to adjust the Visicut settings.

#7 Updated by peter about 10 years ago

After a discussion with Thomas Oster, we decided to look into this matter after the Laos Workshop.
We will most likely fix the matter in Visicut, and make the LEFT/RIGHT and scale parameter fixed in the visicut driver, so you cannot set them incorrectly

#8 Updated by t-oster about 10 years ago

in VisiCut the laos driver is updated to always use the lower-left-corner as (0/0), so the problem should be fixed. Be sure to always set the bed-size correctly.



#9 Updated by axel about 10 years ago

See also [[]] and use latest Visicut version (1.5)

#10 Updated by t-oster about 10 years ago

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Since the problem should be away with current VisiCut versions, I switched this issue to "feedback". If there is no one having problems in the near future, we might aswell close the thread.

#11 Updated by t-oster almost 10 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

Since no one seems to have this issue anymore, I'm closing this bug.

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