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Added by KalleP over 11 years ago.

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There seems no way to add a new feature request category - Need one for hardware

Also the new Redmine is great for collaboration with multiple projects but for LaOS marketing it is a step back.
I am intimidated from trying to edit because it does not look like a wiki (and certainly not like MediaWiki that I am familiar with)
When visiting I get the feeling that I have wondered into the wrong place and am on github or source forge or something instead of a Opensource project wiki. I think making all entry links point to the first wiki page may help, people can navigate to other projects (one day) and to the forums and bug tracker but at least have some content to read instead of a subtle link to select a project they thought they were already reading about. Too many layers for my little mind and sadly it will chase away interested parties. One of the recurring complaints in the blogosphere about the reprap project has been the difficulty of finding a step by step set of instructions on what to download, what to buy and how to start building. Granted they have much more variety and it is changing fast as well. LaOS should have the most popular stuff linked on the front page for new entrants, once hooked we are all prepared to suffer but you need to sell the concept of a cheap Chinese laser with a brain transplant that allows westerners to understand it. The main host site should have a sales pitch up front with the cryptic blog entries below.

P.S. How to edit a feature request status from normal to low? (I forgot to change one of mine)

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