LAOS Laser: LaOS user meeting, februari 16th (NL)

Added by jaap over 9 years ago

Op 16 februari organiseren wij een LaOS gebruikersbijeenkomst.
De bijeenkomst vindt plaats in ZB45, de nieuwe makerspace in Amsterdam.

Zowel gebruikers als aspirant-gebruikers zijn welkom.


13:00 Opening
13:30 Update over de status van het project
14:00 Demonstratie van de werking van een LaOSlaser
14:30 Sleutelen en testen met meegebrachte lasers
17:00 Afsluiting

Adres: Zeeburgerpad 45, 1019 AA Amsterdam /

Peter Brier,
Jaap Vermaas

LAOS Laser: REV4 boards need patch!

Added by peter over 9 years ago

Warning: REV4 boards have a stepper ground problem: This can damage the MBED or stepper driver. you need to patch the board!

Due to a problem in routing the REV4 PCB boards, there is a part of the PCB that is not connected to ground. This can damage the MBED and/or pololu steppers. You need to add a jumper wire to fix the problem.


LAOS Laser: Latest firmware fixes bitmap engraving issues

Added by peter almost 10 years ago

A number of bugs have been fixed in the firmware.
One of them is a bug in the setting of the laser engraving power (#59, #63) and bitmap engraving (#47).

Note: this version uses STATIC PWM. This means the power is not scaled according to the actual speed (see issue #36). So corners are possibly burned in a bit.
It is work in progress, but you might want to try it out.

To download this firmware: and save it on your MBED.
This version is compiled from the GIT sources (master branch) using GCC4MBED.


    Also available in: Atom