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Anonymous, 2012-07-16 17:51

HPC LS3020 connections - July 2012

Wiring diagram

Here is a schematic diagram of how everything should be wired up (from the forum):

Laser ON cable

The laser-on cable, as it comes shipped with the laser cutter needs to have one wire switched over, from this:

... to this:

It then plugs into the mainboard like this:

Disabled laser PWM

To get started fast, just run the laser without PWM support - you can accomplish the same by manually turning the front-panel potmeter back to reduce the power.

With the July 12 power supply, you're done. To disable PWM on the older power supply, make sure the D+ and D- pins are jumpered on the power supply:

Y stepper cable

The Y stepper cable (with a 4-pin JST connector on the end) may be too short to reach the proper socket on the LAOS mainboard v0.3 - this can be solved by manually splicing some extra wires, to extend it by about 15 cm:

Stepper driver orientation

Be very careful how you place the stepper drivers on the mainboard. Mistakes can blow up both the stepper driver and the mbed controller!

Here is the proper orientation for the purple "StepStick" drivers, with heatsinks mounted on top of the A3984 driver IC's:

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