K40-III 6c6879 Connections to Laos board


Motors and End stops

Hooking the motors and endstops up is straight forward. The ribbon cable goes into the long connector, this is for the X motor and both end stops. The 4 pin JST connector will go into the socket next to the Y stepper driver to drive the Y motor.


Power is supplied over 3 pins from the PSU. I used a 4 pin plug to match the power supplies and crimped 3 wires. These are 24V, GND, and 5V. The 4th connector is for the laser which I'll mention below. The three power leads I connected to the controller board with simple screw terminals.


Laser control is handled by a single pin on the main power header of the PSU. This is normally at 5V (ish) and needs to be taken to ground to turn the laser on. To do this, I connected the Laser output from the PSU to the C pin of Laser On, then ran another cable from the E pin of Laser On to a handy ground point (in my case, the screw terminal for the main power connector). I used a standard 2 pin connector for Laser On.


Work in progress...

Jumper settings

I have the following jumper settings:


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