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h1. LAOS Laser 


 This site is about an Open Source laser engraver/cutter controler system, both hardware and software. Further info can be found on the [[Rationale and background]] page. The site was created in 2010 by Jaap Vermaas and Peter Brier, and is now being taken further with the help of many [[Contributors]]. 

 A laser cutter consists of several components, further described on the [[Overview]] page - this site focuses on units such as the [[HPC LS3020]], in combination with the LAOS electronics. For a full list, see the [[Supported lasers]] so far. The current electronics are [[Mainboard v0.3]] and [[i2cpanel vx.x]] - older versions are listed at the end of this page. 

 > Tip: for quick navigation, navigation on this site, see the tabs at the top of each page on this site. 

 h2. HowTo's 

 * Figure out what you'll need and where to get it 
 * Prepare your laser cutter for use with LAOS (including first firing test) 
 * Assemble the LAOS electronics boards 
 * Install firmware and verify proper operation 
 * Connect the electronics and hook it up to your network 
 * Install required software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux pc 
 * Troubleshooting - Where to get help - Contributing to this wiki 

 h2. Reference 

 h3. Laser cutters 

 * HPC LS3020 
 * Materials and settings 

 h3. Electronics 

 * Mainboard v0.3 
 * I2cpanel vx.x 

 h3. Software 

 * LAOS firmware 
 * LAOS CUPS driver 
 * VisiCut 

 h3. Older information 


 h2. Useful links