"hysteresis" in engraving (?)

Added by leenvw over 11 years ago

I've been playing a lot with the laser since july last year. However, I'm picking it up to solve some difficuties I have.

When engraving, for example a square, the picture is tilting. Like there is hysteresis in the x-axe. When engraving a square, the result is a trapeze, see picture.

Also the dimension is a bit out of range: approximately 8%larger

Did somone also deal with this and did you solve that?


foto.JPG (291 KB) foto.JPG engrave rectangle: resulted in a trapeze

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RE: "hysteresis" in engraving (?) - Added by peter over 11 years ago

What are the settings (config file) and drawing you used for this, along with the software versions (firmware and PC software)?

RE: "hysteresis" in engraving (?) - Added by leenvw over 11 years ago

Hi Peter, Tanks for you response.

The drawing I used was drawn upin Inkskape, however, the samen happens when using Illustrator. For the laser I use Visicut 1.3.4.

In the attached file you'll fing the config-file: may 20 2012.

Hope you can find the clou.

RE: "hysteresis" in engraving (?) - Added by hugomeiland about 11 years ago

Hi Leen,

Just to make sure the problem is not in the mechanics, you may want to lower this setting:
motion.accel 500 ; linear acceleration [mm/sec2]
to something like 100 or so for testing.
If the slider is too heavy or has too much resistance, a very high value here may let you loose some steps on the steppers...

have fun!


RE: "hysteresis" in engraving (?) - Added by leenvw over 10 years ago

Thanks to Jaap and Peter the issue is solved. The value x.invert in the config flie was "-1" and changed to "1".