Cutter freezing randomly

Added by darrenp over 7 years ago


Been cutting/engraving fine for the last few months, but just in the last week have hit an issue. At some point through a job, the laser and steppers both shut off. The control panel doesn't show anything, just Running....

After a reboot I can start the job again, but its more often than not freezes again, usually sooner in the job. I've tried swapping the memory card incase it had got some bad bits on it, but the same happens with the new one.

Any ideas what the issue could be? Is there any debug info I can get from the controller, and if so how do I get it?

This is on my v0.4 controller board in my K40-III cutter. Wondering if the PSU is possibly cutting out from overheating or something. The laser tube seems to be fine and cutting the same as ever.



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RE: Cutter freezing randomly - Added by peteruithoven over 7 years ago

Hi Darren,

You can open a serial connection when you connect the mbed to your computer. For example using the Arduino IDE. I forgot the baudrate, but you can try some until the text becomes readable.
But I'm afraid this won't tell you a whole lot, printing serial messages during cutting could disrupt the interrupts.
You could compile the code yourself and add some debug statements.

I hope the developers have an better idea of what might be going on.

RE: Cutter freezing randomly - Added by jaap over 7 years ago

Previous random freezes often had to do with distortion in the I2C communication. Check your I2C cable and plugs and try shielding the cable between the main board and the control panel. Some people made metal sheelding between around the mainboard too.