LAOS meeting #4

Added by peteruithoven over 10 years ago

Let's plan the next LAOS meeting.

If you're interested in joining us fill in your availability

This time it's hosted by Bitlair.

Their space is available from 14:00 so I was thinking of ordering some food and finishing around 20:00 / 21:00.

They are very far with their LaOS powered HALC (Huge Ass Laser Cutter) which is great to see, most lasercutters fit inside this lasercutter.
And of course there are lot's of things we can work on, now we have opensource compilation we probably want to work on RTOS [[]]?
It would also be great to see the latest rev 5 mainboard Springuin designed.

I think we should start with a general update, work on the Firmware and then, around 18:00 have a more public, user meeting. Sounds good?

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RE: LAOS meeting #4 - Added by peteruithoven over 10 years ago

We're doing it the Saturday 10th of May.

More info on Bitlair:

RE: LAOS meeting #4 - Added by jaap about 10 years ago

Any points for the meeting agenda? Please add them here: And RSVP, if you can.

RE: LAOS meeting #4 - Added by mro about 10 years ago

Hi I can't add to the wiki link above, but from bitlair I (manfred) will be there and Albert and Reinder also indicated they will be there. Dimitri is not able to attend.

RE: LAOS meeting #4 - Added by peteruithoven about 10 years ago

Jaap has updated the Mbed libraries we used and cleaned up the code. He also made a first attempt at implementing an RTOS system, but it crashes sometimes. RTOS experiment can be found here:

We have chosen to focus on GCC Arm compilation and abandon all other (like GCC4MBED). We improved the readme file.

We discussed that we would really like a json based REST interface.
Mendel (Bugblue) experimented with RTOS and running a simple http server. Apparently the Mbed could handle combining lasercutting and receiving files simultaneously.
Peter started on a REST API proposal:

We discussed that we need to update the GRBL code we use. Hopefully we can find a proper, up to date version specific for the Mbed.