Circles going to D shape

Added by depronman almost 9 years ago

My normal workflow is design in CorelDraw X7, export in DXF format, import to Inkscape then use the 'Extensions' to past path to LaserCut Path - Open in Visicut

If I draw a shape in Coreldraw with a Circle inside of the main shape and Export in DXF then import to Inkscape the circle remains as a circle and if I then cut in on the laser it comes out perfectly round

However, if I rotate the shape (including the circle) then Export in DXF format, when imported to Inkscape the circle is a D shape and will cut in the laser as a D Shape.

The only workaround that I have is to remove the circle and re add it in CorelDraw before the export to DXF, this works but is time consuming.
As anyone else found this bug and if so is there a way to stop it happening.

Everything else export to DXF perfectly, lines, arcs, squares, triangles ect


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RE: Circles going to D shape - Added by jaap almost 9 years ago

I think that it's better to file bug reports about CorelDraw's DXF export at the appropriate company.

RE: Circles going to D shape - Added by KalleP almost 9 years ago

Inkskape has known issues when it is handling nested transformed objects. This mostly relates to rotating of grouped text objects but might also be a problem with circles.

To find out where the problem lies you would have to create a test image with just a circle and see at which point in your workflow the rotation has broken the file format.

For instance draw 4 identical circles, place two of them into groups of their own (with nothing else in the groups). Then rotate two of the circles, one that was grouped and one that is as drawn. Then export in DXF and SVG formats and see how they display in various software and examine the underlying files if you have the patience. Try a few versions of Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, VisiCut, some web browser and see which ones render correctly and which ones do not.

(You may have to make circles with the starting angle at 0, 30, 45 and 90 degrees to fully determine how things are breaking, a circle with a starting point at 45 degrees rotated 90 degrees may not exhibit the bug as the start and end points are on top of each other during a 45 degree mirroring operation)

You may find that the start point and the end point of the circle have not been transformed correctly and this is leading to a flat on the circle when it is rendered down the line.

You may find that at the cost of being able to edit later you may be able to ungroup your items before you rotate them, or export them and rotate them in InkScape.

The problem is likely to lie in either Corel Draw or in InkScape and have nothing to do with VisCut or LAOS.

Good Luck and if the problem is InkScape then sign up to the bug tracker and post a clear bug report with your test process and if it can be fixed eventually it will. The problem with the text transforms was a bit more complex but this may be a simple bug that has not been detected yet.

RE: Circles going to D shape - Added by depronman almost 9 years ago

Many thanks for the reply, I had come to the conclusion that InkScape was the route cause of the problem.

I didn't know that there was a known issue with InkScape and grouped objects, well guess what I always do with objects, you guessed correctly 'Group them'

I have tried not grouping, rotating in coreldraw, export to DXF and import into InkScape, the result is the circle is D

I also tried just creating a single circle in Coreldraw, rotate through 90Deg, Export in DXF then import into InkScape, result is a D shape
I therefore conclude that the error is caused by the rotation of the circle after creation, be it a single circle or a circle as part of 'other' elements in the DXF file

I then tried repeating all of the above but using SVG file format, the result is perfectly round circles each and every time.

As a bonus CorelDraw allows a 'Preview' of the SVG file, if you set up windows to open SVG files with Visicut, then the Preview start up Visicut, you can then cut from there.
This therefore removes the InkScape program from the workflow, thus also removing the D scape problem.

I will log a problem against InkScape such that the Developers can look in to a fix

Being honest I can't really remember why I chose to Export in DXF format then Import to InkScape and fire Visicut from InkScape in order to Cut, the only think that rings a bell was DXF seemed to take the line colours with it and there was easy to tell Visicut to cut black lines and light cut or engrave red lines. Is this possible using SVG files ?

Thanks for the help