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Added by msraynsford about 9 years ago

Just a quick hi from me,
I'm Martin, we run a UK laser cutter importing company called Just Add Sharks.
I just got my first Laos board and I'm in the process of putting it together and installing it into one of our Blacknose Laser cutters

We're intending to start selling machines with open source controllers already installed.

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RE: Hi from Just Add Sharks - Added by depronman about 9 years ago

Hi Martin,
I have a K40 that I converted to LAOS 12 months ago. I'm so impressed with LAOS, it sorted out all of the problem that my machine had mainly caused by the very poor Moshi software and control board (lack of laser power control under the software)

I think I am in the market for a new Laser tube, my laser was cutting the other night and it got part way through the job and the laser stopped 'lasering', the head continued to move, but no cutting. The amp meter was still reading 18mah, ,but not laser beam. I thought possibly a cracked or moved mirror, but on checking the tube it is not illuminating when fired.
The Laser PSU is lighting the red LED when it is set to fire the tube (as normal), but a minute or so after the tube stopped firing, the amp meter also stopped showing a reading. The Laser PSU is still lighting the RED LED when it is told to fire the laser.

I'm unsure if it is the tube or the PSU, is there a way to test either ?

If it is the tube I'm interested in your 60Watt tube (as an upgrade), I would need to make a box to extend the case over the extra tube length, but that is not an issue.
Will my current laser PSU run the 60 watt tube (my current tube/psu combination is 40 watt) or do I also need a new 60 watt PSU to mate with the tube ?

Any help much appreciated, likewise if I can be of any assistance with your LAOS project then you only need to ask


RE: Hi from Just Add Sharks - Added by msraynsford about 9 years ago

It's always best to replace the tube first anyway, if you switch the tube and it still doesn't work you just have a spare tube for next time. All tubes fail eventually. The symptoms you describe make it sound like your tube has failed.

If you want to upgrade to a 60W tube you should look at the ratings for your PSU, it is unlikely that the K40 is supplied with a 60W PSU so you will probably need to change that as well. I realise that's not super useful especially if you don't have a part number on the PSU but those machines are built as cheap as possible so it is unlikely that they overspecced the PSU.

Coincidentally the PSU on the Blacknose laser is actually a 60W tube so upgrading on our machines is fairly straight forward (also not that helpful for you now)