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I'm currently working on making the offline compilable source available for release, and have a small stumbling block.

Where can I find the sourcecode for the fat filesystem?

Of course google finds many copies. Where is the origional?
It seems to me that the FatFileSystem directory contains sourcecode from different sources. (at least: sford, ChaN, ARM)

I also have two versions of a file (FATDirHandle.h), each identical in code, but different in copyright notice.
We need to verify we have the correct copyright notice.


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As far as I saw when I updated the mbed FAT sources late last year, it really has two sources:

The core FAT code is from ChaN.
Then there is the object oriented C++ code which hooks ChaN's code into the mbed file system hierarchy and allows for derived classes like MemFileSystem and SDFileSystem to provide the low level sector access to physical devices for the FAT code to utilize. This code was written by Simon Ford at mbed. I have noticed that in the old days, he would place his name in the copyright notice of source files but he has since been changing them to just show ARM (of which he is an employee) as the copyright holder instead. For example last year AnalogIn.h looked like this:
and now it looks like this
I guess in those he put both originally and then removed his name later. I think that going with the ARM copyright is probably the most uptodate..but either way, you are using the copyright that the owner had placed on that particular version of the file.