Extraction, Air Assist and Pump.

Added by parag0n over 10 years ago

I'm wondering if there are plans to allow us to use spare pins to enable control over extraction, air assist and a water cooling loop pump.

My thought is that Extraction and Air Assist are fairly simple, and could easily be turned on / off by an extra simplecode command, or enabled automatically at the beginning and disabled at the end of a print.

For the water cooling loop this is more difficult, as you'd want to leave it running for an amount of time after the laser has finished firing, to give the tube time to cool down.

You probably wouldn't want to put a 5 minute wait and turn off command in the simplecode, as if you're starting another job right after it would be better to continue right away, and extend the timeout. Personally I'd like to use a config variable for this timeout value, allowing the user to leave the pump on for as long as is needed for their cutter / pump combo.


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RE: Extraction, Air Assist and Pump. - Added by DaveStyles over 10 years ago

Exactly what I'm going to work on, the minute I can get a set of compiling code !! (see the support forum, I posted there as it appears more frequented, here's hoping)