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Laser is ON at boot

Added by peter about 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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The laser output can be switched ON when booting.


#1 Updated by t-oster about 10 years ago

what exactly do you mean? Since the pin is initialized after the mbed boots, it should be an input pin before?! As far as I can tell, my laser-cutter does not have the problem of the laser being on while booting anymore.

#2 Updated by depronman over 8 years ago

I have also noticed I have the same problem - the laser is run at full power for about 10 seconds when the laser cutter is first turned on, once the LaOS board as initialised the laser is turned off and then is turned on and off as required by the LaOS board when cutting jobs.
It may be of interest that I have had to reverse the power setting in the config.txt file i.e. low poer is set to 100% and high power is set to 0% - could this be the reason why the laser is power up at full power whilst the LaOS board is initialised ???


#3 Updated by jaap over 8 years ago

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This has been fixed long ago, so if you still have a simular problem, please describe what happens at the forum.

The issue tracker at this website is not in use any more, we use Github for tracking bugs now!

#4 Updated by depronman over 8 years ago

Answer was just posted, remove the J41 jumper to prevent the laser running at full power during boot up of laser cutter.
I had initially not fitted any jumpers to J41, but added them a few weeks ago when I was installing relays to turn on/off the Exhaust fans and air assist, explains why I had not noticed the 'laser on at power up' issue when I first installed the LaOS board :)

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