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z-axis rest position

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Hi all,

following on from my buy report #92, please could I request a new feature.

I have a powered table on the z-axis. The home switch is for the lowest position (furthest from the focus lens) of 100 mm with a minimum allowable of position of 40 mm (due to physical limit). The focus length of the lens is 50.8 mm.

It would be really handy if, after home position is found, the table is moved to the normal 50.8 mm position. That way, if I want to cut a 3 mm piece of stock I only have to move the table 3 mm.

Bonus point if the LCD display can show 0 in the default 50.8 mm position and 3 or 300 or similar when lowered 3 mm (i.e. indicate the thickness of stock the focus is set for).

Again, thanks for the effort; laoslaser transformed my laser!


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Updated by t-oster over 10 years ago

are you using VisiCut? Because there you theoretically should be able to specify the z-axis movement in Software. I never really tested this on a LAOS though, because I do not have a Z-axis.
Would be nice if you could check if that works.

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Updated by TheGuv over 10 years ago

Hi Thomas,

Great, I hadn't got that far yet - thanks for the clue.

Indeed Visicut does enable the focus to be set and I can see from the debug output that the simplecode has (in my case) '2 50799' as the very first command. This is correct as I set the focus to 50.8 mm.

Bad news; the command seems to be asynchronous in the Laoslaser firmware as the job starts cutting while the table is still moving, and in fact never makes it to the final position before the job finishes and all stops.

[[]] refers to exactly this. I'm sorry, but I would think having the Z-axis move asynchronously for a power table is rather wrong. Not sure if there's a use case where this is valid, but I can't think of one.


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