Test LaserScript

Added by peteruithoven about 11 years ago

Hi folks,

I was hoping someone could try out the new Laserscript support of Visicut.

I did an experiment, but the PWM of my lasercutter isn't implement properly yet, as you can see on the following first experiment.

I wrote a test pattern in laserscript:

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RE: Test LaserScript - Added by darrenp about 11 years ago

Fantastic work. Just installed the nightly of Visicut, upgrading from 1.5, and its already solved a few issues I was having. This scripting ability is perfect for helping me dial in the settings, already realised my speed settings were way too high, so there was ultimately no difference between 100% speed and 75% speed! :)

Going to work on a few scripts and will upload them to the wiki.