freezing on 'start job'

Added by alan almost 9 years ago

I was under the impression that I should be able to save multiple jobs on the board?
whenever I select 'select job' without first sending a file to the laos, it freezes requiring a reboot, as it responds to no button or joystick presses I cannot see anyway of scrolling through all the jobs i have sent even in one session. Am I missing something? i am beginning to think there is something wrong with my firmware even though i have tested all buttons with the diagnostics firware on both mbed and I2c panel.

A separate issue is that I am now getting random freezing on jobs that have worked perfectly in the not too distant past. they occur at different points in the jobs. I have a screened cable on the I2c display as i am aware of how delicate this interface is.

I do like the laos system but is there any documentation avaliable or what the buttons should do in each menu selection. Also where wold i find the sourcecode to aid me in debugging?

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RE: freezing on 'start job' - Added by jaap almost 9 years ago

Source code:
=> Firmware = mbed firmware
=> AddOns => i2c-panel => firmare = Arduino code in I2C panel

Crashes during cutting are not necessary related to a hanging MBED during/after multiple file uploads.

RE: freezing on 'start job' - Added by alan almost 9 years ago

I think I have two problems. the first ( that i have had from day 1) is that if i say send two jobs to the laos, then i can select start job and use the joystick to scroll up and down to select between which one to run. but if i then restart the laos then both jobs have not been saved and if i 'select job' again I get the run menu but no jobs and pressing any button or joystick just gives me beeps and i have to restart again. surely that should not happen?

the second problem has just started more recently and is indicative of a fault, which is random freezing in any jobs or ( as happened today) freezing in the middle of recieving a file)
I am probably going to start checking cables and psu's but nothing i have done recently could account for this fault.

RE: freezing on 'start job' - Added by peteruithoven almost 9 years ago

The first problem is actually a "feature", since there isn't a feature that automatically deletes old jobs when the SD-card is full this is something that helps prevent full SD-card issues.
It is something you can customize though, with the cleandir configuration:

RE: freezing on 'start job' - Added by jegb over 8 years ago

Alan, are you using the PSU that also provides HV to laser? Did you try to supply 24-5v to LaOS independenty and see how it works?