Random Laser ON at engrave

Added by minczer over 9 years ago


I have a small problem during engraving.
Sometimes the laser switch on at X end, in engraving cycle, if I make it lower speed.
See the picture.

laseron.png (2.87 MB) laseron.png Laser ON

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RE: Random Laser ON at engrave - Added by peteruithoven over 9 years ago

I've seen the same issue in our Fablab a couple of times. But I never found the time to properly debug the issue.
I did however start on a webviewer to debug the simplecode that is send to LaOS.
But it doesn't include engrave support yet. If it does we can at least check whether the issue lies with VisiCut or LaOS. And when it's in VisiCut we can use it to debug further.

RE: Random Laser ON at engrave - Added by darrenp about 9 years ago

I've had similar problems, and I think it is LaOS related rather than visicut. I've more or less got rid of it by reducing the acceleration so that there is less of a sudden jar at the ends of the engrave sweep. This is with a K40 cutter.

I still get the occasional glitch, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

RE: Random Laser ON at engrave - Added by depronman about 9 years ago

See this post in the 'discussions and support' forum. It looks like exactly the problem that you are seeing.
It appears to only affect some LaOS installations as I was trying to help Gordon out and ran his exact file on my K40 LaOS and got perfect results, where as Gordon was getting the random laser misfires, anyway in the post attached Gordon explained what he did to resolve the issue.
Hope this helps