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Move SD card postiton?

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Not having used the board yet I cannot speak from experience but have a feeling that the SD card should be external from outside if one were to use it to store or transfer jobs.

The CAN bus is more liekly to be used inside the box so I wonder if there is room to move the SD card location next to the UTP and USB connectors on the same edge fo the PCB.

There may be good reason to not have the card removeable but I have not seen mention.

Another workable alternative is to bring the SD card IO pins out to a row of pins compatible with one of the RepRap SD card add-on board that would allo for the connector to be remote mounted, perhaps better and might allow for two cards if there is enough IO for an extra enable pin.


_DSC0350.jpg (343 KB) _DSC0350.jpg Ethernet port aligned with cutout david, 2012-09-21 14:14
_DSC0346.jpg (348 KB) _DSC0346.jpg LaOS board mounted with spacers david, 2012-09-21 14:14
_DSC0353.jpg (268 KB) _DSC0353.jpg M3 nuts glued to the back of the mounting plate david, 2012-09-21 14:14
_DSC0346.jpg (83 KB) _DSC0346.jpg Anonymous, 2012-09-21 14:29
_DSC0350.jpg (79.1 KB) _DSC0350.jpg Anonymous, 2012-09-21 14:29
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I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but on the machine at FablabAmersfoort, the electronics are mounted in a away that you cannot remove the SD card while the electronics are mounted. Which is pretty annoying at times.

However, what is worse is that the SD card is pointing down. This causes the potential for the card to fall out because of vibrations. (I've seen this happen with CF cards at my current job)

Updated by david almost 12 years ago

We've been wiggling, rotating and fitting until we found a position in which everything aligned well.

We've had to drill some holes and get some 24mm spacers, but here is how it works:
- Board is mounted with the top facing the front of the laser
- We added holes where needed and glued nuts to the back of the mounting plate
- Ethernet port lines up with the cutout in the laser body
- The SD card now sticks out at the top
- USB is hard to access so I have a cable hanging out during development

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I think David's solution of moving the board in such a position that the SD card can be taken out fixes the problem in a very simple way.

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Solved: see David's solution


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