MBED SDK is now Open Source

Added by parag0n over 7 years ago

What does this mean for the ethernet portion of offline compilation / gcc4mbed?

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RE: MBED SDK is now Open Source - Added by peter over 7 years ago

That's great.
I spotted it on github yesterday, but was unsure if this was official.
Porting to the xpresso should be straightforward now.

RE: MBED SDK is now Open Source - Added by Springuin over 7 years ago

Ah, that explains a lot. With regards to the RTOS discussion I downloaded that git repository, looked around in the code and could not really believe that it was some hobbyist that re-implemented the api. The code contains a python based build system that builds for multiple targets and multiple different compilers and also a lot of tests. Something that a hobbyist wouldn't do.

RE: MBED SDK is now Open Source - Added by DaveStyles over 7 years ago

Hi Peter,..
I think you've missed the point, they are releasing everything not just the SDK, they are releasing an open source HDK.
There's no need to replace mbed with lpcxpresso, it can be replaced with the LPC1768, as they are releasing everything to enable you to do that.A few months ago I did an mbed clone for a product I was working on that I wanted to keep as a through hole board, (sound familiar), but then I went to a full custom board with the LPC1768 instead. Maybe I could resurrect it as laosLPCController.
Same form factor as mbed to pop into the rev4 mbed slot.
While I'm here.. is there a reason why LPC11u24 can't run LaosLaser it's ~$5 a chip I think.
I'll open a different thread for that.
EDIT: No I won't, mbed LPC11u24 has no ethernet.

RE: MBED SDK is now Open Source - Added by peter over 7 years ago

I see they are indeed opening up everything. Great.
A custom LPC1769 board would be great! With ethernet! (add phy chip) and CAN bus (I see many options for that).

Using a the LPC11c14 would be great for additional boards (display, IO, extra stepper motors).

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