file stops running

Added by Martine almost 12 years ago

When I execute a file, it stops running at some point.
Never the same point in the file, though.
The display still says: RUNNING 1%
But the machine quits.It doesn't resume.

Does anybody have that problem?

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RE: file stops running - Added by pieterb almost 12 years ago

Yes sometimes its get stuck at RUNNING 1% (the display does not get updated very often btw).
Does not happen very often, most of the time i send the file again, but thats nasty.
This is a bug in de firmware i think (maybe we should make a New Issue out of this one)

RE: file stops running - Added by Martine almost 12 years ago

Unfortunately I wouldn't say it's rare...

Just counted today: out of ten executes on the same file I have 3 runs that DON'T stop.
That means a failure of 70%. Maybe the file is difficult?

The SVG file is not really big - It should run around 2.5 minutes (speed 20), and is 10Kb.
It hasn't stopped once at the same spot.

Sending again is a good option, opening the lid to prevent burn marks on the already cut parts, closing it as soon as it should start cutting again.
Ha, but nasty it is.

It's a pity I don't know nothing about firmware.
I hope sharing experience can help a tiny bit:)

RE: file stops running - Added by Anonymous almost 12 years ago

I've added this as issue #34 in the issue tracker, because IMO everything that needs / ought to be resolved belongs there. Forum posts tend to sink to the bottom of the ocean over time.

RE: file stops running - Added by peter almost 12 years ago

Thanks for the addition of the bug report.
See my comments there.